7 Reasons Why Employee Drug Testing Might Be Implemented By Employers

When those who work at Sivana Rehab have first contact with someone they are going to support and help free themselves of drug addiction, it is often done via the patient’s employer. Many employers have drug testing as their policy and part of contracts of employment, and they are there as much to have criteria that are designed to support their employees rather than punish them.

There are arguments on both sides of the divide regarding workplace drug testing. Some employees believe their rights are being trampled on by employers insisting that they have drug tests, and this is not because they take drugs and fear being caught and ordered to register for drug rehab. Instead, they feel that a drug test is an invasion of their privacy, and it is a legitimate argument that they make.

However, if an employer wishes to have a drug policy that includes the right to drug test their employees when those employees sign their contract of employment of which the company’s drug policy is a part, then they are agreeing to be drug tested at work.

As for the reasons employers choose to conduct drug testing, there is more than the most basic one, which is to catch someone who is using drugs. In truth, there are several reasons why drug testing is instigated, and below, you can see that we have outlined seven of those reasons.

Reason #1 – Safety In The Workplace

The reason most people would identify will be that, if someone is using drugs and their thought process and movements are impaired, they could be a danger to themselves, fellow employees, and even members of the public. This is especially so in jobs that create huge risks if those doing them are under the influence of drugs, such as machinery operators.

Reason #2 – Maintaining Productivity

There is little doubt that if someone is taking drugs, they are not likely to be as productive as they would if drugs played no part in their life. Apart from the time lost from them disappearing to take drugs during working hours, their physiology will be impaired significantly, making their productivity diminish.

Reason #3 – Ensuring The Quality Of Work

It is also the case that if one or more employees in a business are taking drugs, then whatever their jobs might be, they are not going to be able to do them to the standard they would if drugs-free. Given that a business is judged on the quality of its products or services, this is a crucial concern for employers.

Reason #4 – Reducing Staff Turnover

It is borne out by research that those who have drug issues, including drug addiction, are more likely to move from job to job than be able to remain in one employment for some time. Staff turnover is a cost to a business and thus why employers want to limit it by using drug testing as a deterrent to those who might otherwise consider taking drugs whilst at work.

Reason #5 – Reducing Absenteeism

There are numerous reasons someone for whom drug taking is part of their life will take sick days off from work. They may either be on high and be more interested in partying than work or on a downer and unable to face the day ahead. Absenteeism costs a business in many ways and employers will be keen to reduce it.

Reason #6 – Reducing Insurance Costs

The fact is if an employer can prove they have a robust drug policy that includes drug testing, their health and accident insurance companies are likely to offer them lower insurance premiums.

Reason #7 – To Identify Those Who Need Support For Drug Use

This is where drug testing is genuinely used for positive reasons, and that is to discover who might have a drug problem or even an addiction and who can be supported by their employer into drug rehab. This may extend further with the promise that their job will still be there for them when they complete their drug rehab program.

7 Reasons Why Employee Drug Testing Might Be Implemented By Employers