Showcasing Your Landscape Design Business On Instagram

Showcasing Your Landscape Design Business On Instagram

Landscape design is predominantly visual art, which means that it should be showcased on platforms that focus on visual content. When it comes to social media platforms, Instagram is the king of the visual. Millions of photos are shared every single day on Instagram, where they are viewed by billions of people.

As you’re probably already imagining, it’s important for a landscape design company to create an Instagram account for business promotion. There’s plenty of reasons why you should do this, but it all comes down to one key thing: promoting your business on Instagram will lead to more followers and more people coming to you with work.

Why exactly should I use Instagram for my landscape design business?

The world is changing. People don’t look up businesses in the phone book anymore. Instead, they find them online and on social media. Creating an Instagram page for your landscape design business and showcasing some of your best work will help you attract two types of clients:

The client who’s looking for a designer – A lot of people will head to social media when they’re looking for a high quality landscape designer. If you’ve got an active Instagram page with a lot of followers, they will probably find you. Sure, they won’t all choose to work with you, but some will, especially if you can show that you do a good job.