Google Update Regarding the Future of Web Design

Google Update Regarding the Future of Web Design

Importance of mobile-friendly web design is increasing as people are getting involved in marketing their business. The reason behind is that these web designs get greater viewers and produce more sales. Like in past, Google has again startled webmasters, marketers, and business owners. A new update is added by Google and it affects your website ranking. If your web design is mobile-friendly then you don’t have to worry. But if your web design is built in a way that it is non-responsive i.e. not mobile-friendly then it is time you change it to a responsive design.

Google has started labeling all the websites, which are created on responsive design, as ‘mobile-friendly’. All the websites whose functioning is reviewed by Google search algorithm .will have the same tag attach to it. These labels will be visible on the mobile devices and their search results. When the person surfing the internet through cell phone comes across website which are not labeled as mobile friendly, he will not open that link. This will save them time and increase their satisfaction which is threatened when websites take too long to load.

What features determine if the web design is mobile friendly or not?

The basis of mobile ‘friendliness’ is on the following features:

  • If the buttons and links on the website allows space so that it’s easier to tap them then it is mobile friendly.
  • If the visitors can view the page on the phone without scrolling them horizontally i.e. if the page fit to the screen in a horizontal manner, it is accepted as mobile friendly.
  • As the mobile phones do not support Flash websites, the absence of them in web design makes them responsive.
  • The web design is mobile friendly if the words are clearly visible and do not require zooming in.