Online Reviews and Defamation

Online Reviews and Defamation

Oops… Watch What You Say – The Dangers of Online Posts
We live in a mobile society dominated by the Internet and all that it provides.  One particular hotspot is celebrity posts in various forms of social medial.  Typos, nipples, even misspelling can draw the ire or ridicule of millions and put people in the position of needing good commercial lawyers.

Debra Messing recently tweeted about gun violence while wearing a t-shirt with text that read: “Under the Gun.”  Kim Kardashian, a world renowned fashion icon misspelled the name of one of the most famous designers in the world – Giorgio Armani.

Not only do celebrities embarrass themselves writing about their lives, they also tend to flub when it comes to promoting products.  Scott Disick recently pasted manufacturer instructions for a protein shake into an Instagram post and Rito Ora promised to “drop” her new single if her tweet got 100,000 retweets (she deleted the post after it only got 2,000).

According to Lawyers Perth, even if celebrities are making mistakes online, far more troublesome activity is happening in the world of ecommerce.  We live in an era where buying decisions are dominated by what we find on the Internet.  A few telling statistics paint a vivid picture:  Half of adults under 50 routinely check online reviews before buying new items and a full 38% of adults consider online customer comments second only to price in importance.

There are other factors contribute to making a company’s web presence extremely important.  Websites remain in existence forever.  How many of us still have a Myspace account from years ago we haven’t deleted?  The truth is, once someone posts a negative review it can persist for years, if not decades.