Top 5 SEO Friendly Features Every Removalist Website Should Include

Top 5 SEO Friendly Features Every Removalist Website Should Include

Companies like Removalists Perth and other small business owners throughout Australia are starting to create their own websites. Having a website for your small business might seem unnecessary, but it can drive a lot of new traffic to your business, possibly resulting in more clients and more income.

Building a new website is extremely simple in the modern world. If you’ve got a bit of computer experience and aren’t afraid of learning something new, you can build your own website in a couple of hours. However, it’s important to keep SEO in mind when putting your new site together, otherwise you may not rank well in organic search results.

WIth this in mind, I’ve put together a short list of the most important SEO friendly features every removalist website should include. Consider the following:

  1. Fast Load Speeds

Your site load speed is a crucial SEO ranking factor. Slow sites aren’t received well by people visiting your site, and you will receive SEO penalties accordingly. Minimise the amount of JavaScript you use on your site, make sure your images are optimised, and use a fast hosting provider to achieve the fastest page load speeds possible.

  1. Make Sure You Have A Responsive Design

Mobile friendly and responsive design is essential in the modern world. Most website builders automatically give you a mobile responsive website, but it’s important to double check and make sure. Non-responsive sites are starting to receive significant SEO penalties.

  1. Make Sure Your Images Are Optimised

Images are very, very useful for SEO – when they’re used right. Make sure that you optimise all images before uploading them to your website. Make sure they aren’t too large, but make sure that they still have a decent resolution (ideally 72 dpi or higher). Name your images according to the focus of the page they’re appearing on, and use keywords in the alt text field.