Content Management Systems that Work

Content Management Systems that Work

When the question of choosing a CMS arises, there are plenty to select from the pool. However, as each has its unique features, it also depends on what purpose they are being used for. Some are easier to install and have free features whereas for others, you have to pay additional costs.

Content Management Systems are generally used to manage content on the website. There are two main components of CMS:

  • Content Management Application (CMA)
  • Content Delivery Application (CDA)

The former facilitates those who don’t have knowledge of HTML, in administrating, changing, and eliminating content, without assistance from the website. The latter assembles information which is updated on the website. Other features in the CMS differ, depending on the type of CMS but common features include publishing on web, managing format, controlling revision, and cataloging, exploring and recovering. Here are the CMS that work for a large number of users: