6 Social Media Marketing Gaffes to be Avoided

Once your website is designed, it is time to think about your website marketing. After the website design stage, your focus should be on how you are going to get people to view your existing (or new) website. Social media marketing is something that many businesses do. It helps them to brand their business and get it out there in the public eye. It establishes a more personal connection between the business and prospective customers  – warming them up to make that purchase and talk to their friends about it.

However, there are some mistakes that can easily be made that can hurt your company badly. Since a good reputation is an essential in business, you need to know what they are so you can avoid them. Here are some of them.

  1. Businesses go after ‘Likes’ especially on places such as Facebook. Sometimes they do it by using a controversial headline that has nothing to do with the business or the product they are selling. They may get many likes or tweets about it, but it does nothing for their business and genuine potential customers will not be fooled, knowing why you have done it. The main result will be that people who could have been loyal customers will be turned off.
  2. Similarly, you can actually buy likes and followers. You may think this is a good idea in theory, but in reality it is not. Such people will have little or no interest in you or your product and so will not interact in any way with you. The idea of getting genuine likes and follows is so that people will spread the word about your product.
  3. Overdoing posts. While it is good to keep people up to date on what’s going on at your business, there is such a thing as ‘post fatigue’. Plus, when you post too much it is often with content no one is interested in and so it is a form of spam. Not good for the company’s reputation. And it can drive people away in droves.
  4. Neglecting the ROI. While social media marketing is quite one of the cheapest ways to market when it comes to actual financial expenditure, it tends to gobble up huge chunks of time and energy. There might be other more important things for you to do. So count up the minutes and hours you spend doing social media marketing and put a price on them. You may find there is not the return you expected for your input.
  5. Deleting negative comments. Negative comments mean someone is unhappy about something to do with your business. You can ignore it, or you can deal with it. And when you make someone happy, many others will sit up and take notice. They will respect you for being polite and trying, even if you fail.
  6. Neglecting your social media presence. When people start to be interested in you and what you have to say and you suddenly disappear for a month they will be disappointed and remove your feed to their computer.

6 Social Media Marketing Gaffes to be Avoided