How a Good Landing Page can Turn Browsers into Buyers

Doing business online is becoming a norm, and every day, a lot of companies are turning towards e-commerce. As such, increasing traffic on the website is everyone’s concern and, with that comes the importance of converting the browsing audience into the buying ones, in order to increase sales. A survey by stated that on average, only 3% of the browsers are buyers.

Below are the simple rules of thumb to follow to increase your buyers:

Short Procedure

Let’s face it; we don’t like opening multiple pages just to buy one product. The buying procedure should be simple and less time consuming or else the visitor will not become a buyer. Same goes for when a person is entering their billing and shipping information. This will not only save your customer’s time but also, it will not give them even a single moment to change their mind about buying that product.

Advanced Landing Page

An advanced landing page is one which provides the user with information, instantaneously, and within a proper outline. This information will facilitate them to review the products they need. Proper categories of items will help them buy the specific product they are looking for and reviews will provide them with the added information to choose the right product. It is best to have landing pages which are optimized.

Product Reviews Section

When buying products online, we all like to read reviews to decide whether it is worth buying or not, on the basis of other’s experiences. Review stars will not only give satisfaction to your customers but higher reviews will make your product more tempting and reliable. Reviews also increase the user generated content on your site, which will make it appear on Google searches even more.

Collecting Feedback

To improve any business, feedback play a crucial role. As a business owner, you may not think as a customer, but in order to provide the best to them, connecting with them is necessary. It will also make them feel that you value them and their opinions. After the feedback, you can focus on those areas that your clients have pinpointed and work to improve them.

Updated Page

Will you spend your money on a website which doesn’t give off a professional vibe? We don’t think so. Updating your page is necessary to earn customers. The clients want to do business with people who keep themselves and their products updated. Making these minor changes will help your landing page compete within a larger market and increase sales.

Actual and Sale Price

Customers love discounts! By mentioning the sales price with the actual price, the customer will want to buy your product because they can see the comparison and are getting the same product in a lesser price. This promotes impulsive buying. This strategy cannot be applied every time but it is good occasionally.

Offer Deals

The word ‘deal’ always catches people’s attention and is a good way to convert them into potential buyers. Adding deals on your landing page will increase the sales. Individuals prefer buying products in bundles and at lesser prices, than individually, at higher prices, because it makes them feel that they are getting a good bargain.

With all these additions on your landing page, targeting the right audience will drastically add to your sales and bring visitors that will not remain ‘just browsers’ anymore. Landing pages should stand out and grab the attention of potential buyers, only then, will it help your business prosper.

How a Good Landing Page can Turn Browsers into Buyers
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