The Secrets of a Good Shopping Cart Website

The Secrets of a Good Shopping Cart Website

Whether you own a brand-centric eCommerce store or just a small shop on Etsy selling homemade items, you will always try to convert as many browsers into buyers as possible, right? That is basically the lifeline for your business and the easier you make their shopping experience, the more they will want to click on that checkout button.

Of course, if they abandon their shopping carts midway, then you won’t experience the profits you need. Since your success will depend on how engaged your browsers are in your website, you have to make sure that they remain interested till they actually turn into buyers and beyond. The following are a few secrets on how you can increase those chances:

Keep it Mobile Friendly

According to a study conducted by Google, more than 93% of smartphone users prefer to use their mobiles to research a product before making a purchase. Since they are already on their smartphones, you know they would instantly search for online stores where they can buy said items. If you make your eCommerce store more mobile friendly and responsive, they will be attracted to your shop. This means making the site’s visual presence more appealing by:

  • Adding bigger buttons for easy clicks
  • Bigger web pages that can fit on a smartphone’s screen without zooming in
  • Making sure the pages load quickly on current mobile internet speeds