The Power of Google AdWords for Business Success

If you run a business that wants to become an online success story, then you have to make Google AdWords your best friend. By definition, Google AdWords is a comprehensive online advertising tool/service that allows people to display ad copies to users. In other words, it makes marketing much easier than it has ever been, especially when it comes to targeted audiences.

Google AdWords marketing enables advertisers, marketers, and websites to get measurable results from their ad campaigns, and is integrated seamlessly with the search engine. What makes it practical is the fact that unlike television ads and industry directories, it helps you get measurable results that can further improve your ad campaigns in the future.

Quality Leads

SMEs to large organizations today use Google AdWords to increase their online presence. As a paid advertising platform, Google makes sure that your advertisement copies get high rankings in local and international search directories on its search engine.

For instance, when you type ‘best Irish bar in Melbourne’, three paid ads will appear on top of the search results, typically highlighted in yellow. Most of the time, people will find what they’re looking for by clicking one of the three links, which increases the conversion potential by many folds. Unlike organic results, this allows you to gain qualified leads and increases the revenue potential.

Dominate Local Advertisements

Google basically loves local businesses and gives them the incentive of using its unique AdWords platform for geospatial marketing purposes. Geospatial marketing is when a user searches for products, services, or places around a locality and finds providers in that area.

For example, if your diner is based in Bondi Beach, then people looking for places to dine around the area will likely visit your website. In other words, not only people from your locality will be landing on your website, but also people who are looking to travel to Bondi Beach as well.

What makes Google AdWords even more viable for local businesses is that it integrates seamlessly with Google+, Blogger, YouTube, and other Google products. As such, when a user is looking for a diner in Bondi Beach, he/she will get all the information, including the location information via Google Maps. This makes it much easier for the user to contact you and make a booking. It also helps you get quality leads and other analytical data that can be used in further improving your advertisement and marketing strategies.


Google AdWords is easily the best platform for advertisements and helps you test various ad copies to determine which one has the highest click through rate (CTR). As such, when your ads get lots of clicks, Google will reward you cheaper cost-per-click. Hence, the more clicks your ads get, the more you are saving on each click.

Overall, Google AdWords is a powerful platform that is only growing with time. If your business wants to capitalize on the potential of the Internet, then Google AdWords is a great place to get started!

The Power of Google AdWords for Business Success
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