How WordPress Can Be Used To Create Brand Recognition

Brand awareness plays an important role in any business because awareness of a product determines its performance and marketing success. Over time, it increases the presence of your goods and services and hence, boosts your sales. Hence, every business needs brand recognition to survive. Even if you manufacture top notch products and services, but without brand recognition, it will negatively affect your business and will not earn you loyal consumers.

WordPress can help you build websites which will contribute to the recognition of your brand with its following features:

Blog Content

WordPress initiated as a platform for bloggers; therefore this feature is the strongest among all.  Blogs, in general, play an important role in reaching your target audience and telling them about the products and services your business deals with, to enhance their awareness. It is a marketing tool used by many to portray themselves as leaders in their businesses. Blogging high quality content from time to time will thus, boost the presence of users on your website.

Blogging through WordPress will provide you with creative tools to manage your content professionally. It is easy to post, edit and publish on WordPress because it has a built in blogging system. It also provides users with subscription and feedback options which will help your business gain loyal consumers and improve your reputation accordingly.


SEO promotes your content and blogs, and gives you high rankings amid search engine results. This can be beneficial for your business if you update your content regularly as Google will crawl through your website and will reward it for fresh content.  Through WordPress, your website can be listed in major search engine results and increase its number of visitors. This will spread awareness about your brand and will facilitate you in getting recognition.

Social Media Interaction

Social media can help you earn greater recognition than any other method, because it covers the largest audience. The plug-in of social media on WordPress is free and uncomplicated to use. Your users and your brand page can share your content quite easily on social media. This social media integration will help your business earn the brand recognition you need among wider audiences present on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. To add even more social media accounts like Google Plus and YouTube, you can download more widgets and plug-ins.

A report was compiled in 2011 on ‘Social Media Marketing Industry’ whose finding stated that considerable expansion took place in small and average businesses through social media in terms of increase in brand exposure, traffic and sales.

Branding Authority

The content on WordPress is owned by you and you have complete control and ownership over it. You can add any theme, color, fonts, plug-ins, and widgets and have complete control over them. However, on social media, you have limited control and your content is owned by people who own those websites. In this regard, you can market your brand in any way you way on WordPress, but you have to follow some rules when it come to social media, which might cause a hindrance in your brand recognition plans.


Success of a brand depends on many factors including its recognition among the target audience. Every business should opt for excelling strategies to create brand recognition. Without it, even the best products face failure; therefore WordPress offers you simple ways to spread brand awareness.

How WordPress Can Be Used To Create Brand Recognition
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